We are community leaders, alumni, parents and students who are committed to changing the political discourse for ASU.


What We Want To Change

For too long higher education has been ignored and forgotten by the Arizona Legislature. Since 2008, ASU has been cut almost $1.5 billion in total funding. According to a national report by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, funding for Arizona’s universities has fallen by 54% since 2008, more than three times the national decline over the same period.

In fact, funding from the state for resident students has fallen from 72.2% in 2008 to 34% in 2017, while ASU enrollment during the same period has increased by more than 54%. We say enough is enough, and we are committed to holding our elected officials accountable.

Performance Outcomes


ASU’s 4 year graduation rate is up from 28% in 2002 to 53% in 2017.


97% of ASU grads are employed or in graduate school within 90 days.


Arizona ranks 4th among all states with the lowest debt upon graduation.


An ASU degree is nearly 20% below the national median cost for all universities.


ASU contributed over $3.6 billion in statewide economic impact in 2016.

A Message from Chairman John Graham

As you know, I have long been a strong advocate for Arizona State University and deeply committed to ensuring its continued success. However, after watching our state legislature continue to cut ASU’s funding year after year, I have decided to become even more engaged than ever before. So this summer I created a new 501c4 non-profit advocacy organization, Devil’s Advocate, to do just that.

Our goal is to restore the almost $1.5 billion dollars that the legislature has cut from ASU since 2008, and to engage our lawmakers in a broader discussion about providing for P-20 education funding in our state. Our strategies will include engaging community leaders, alumni, parents and students to actively participate in the legislative process – by directly communicating with their lawmakers.

It’s time for me, and anyone who supports ASU, to take action and make our voices heard at the State Capitol.

Learn more about our Chairman John Graham

In The Community

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